Cinema seats

We offer an array of cinema seats and armchairs with a comfort still little-known in a home cinema installation...

Our entire collection of cinema seats offers a relaxing position to the spectators. This not only includes having a footrest which goes up to support the legs, but also having a seat and a backrest that recline and finally a headrest that’s adjustable in height and inclination.
The headrest is one of the most important elements of a cinema chair. However, this detail is forgotten far too often! In fact, once the backrest is reclined, your head is also reclined, and your gaze is directed at the ceiling. Since the cinema screen is in front of you, you naturally lift the back of your neck from the back of your seat to watch the film. Your neck and your head then find themselves in thin air throughout the film. This causes severe discomfort in such an important part of your body.
• Therefore, all our cinema chairs include an inclination control for the headrest, so that the neck and the head rest perfectly on top of it. For certain high-end models, the headrest goes up or down to perfectly adjust to the size of the spectator.
Certain armchair models are equipped with single, double or even triple motorisations to perfectly adjust to their position during the cinema projection.
A cup holder is most often included on top of the armrest or in the armrest itself and completely retractable.
Several qualities of sponge, fabric, leather or Alcantara are proposed according to the models.
Of course, all of our cinema seats are compatible with the installation of vibrators under their legs.

Sièges cinéma
Sièges cinéma
Sièges cinéma
Sièges cinéma
Sièges cinéma
Sièges cinéma
ANOTHER APPROACH consists of not installing the cinema armchairs, but rather a large and very comfortable couch with a large chaise longue.

This style is cozier and more relaxed and a lot less typical for a cinema. The spectator can lie down and stretch out as they like while watching the film. However, the position is less adapted and less comfortable for watching the film than a real motorized cinema armchair… It all depends on your relaxation style and the ambiance that you want to have in your home cinema room.

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